Straws for Voice was born out of a need for straw phonation accessories. Some of us carry around an abundance of “voice straws,” which end up in the bottom of purses, bags and in the floor board of the car!  So, one Christmas my mom and I designed a handy “straw pouch,” and made a bunch of them for voice friends and clients. We’ve been making them ever since, with the intention of helping straw junkies keep their favorite straws clean, neat, and organized.

Voice professionals use water and straws everyday to demonstrate the power of SOVT (semi occluded vocal tract) exercise. But, there are problems. Too many plastic cups and bottles, and too much water everywhere. There had to be a solution for containing the bubbles and also eliminating unnecessary waste. Lo, the straw cup was born. A reusable cup with a splash-proof cover, sporting a friendly reminder to use the straw daily. (This what we call a win-win, which are the best kind of solutions.)

The intention behind Straws For Voice is to teach as many people as possible about the health benefits of straw phonation. This happens by first discovering the magic of straws for ourselves, then telling everyone around us how great they are.

It is estimated that millions of people, in the US alone, could benefit from better voice care, and we think the straw is one of the simplest ways to get their attention.

It will take all of us to spread the word, and we humbly encourage you to start by singing through a straw yourself.

Have YOU used your straw today?®

Liz Johnson
Vocologist and Voice Teacher
MM, Certificate in Vocology

Linda Johnson
Straw Pouch Design

George Johnson
Website Design/Support

Toby Rose

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